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Add/Update Your Email Address

Your CONSULS library record may contain your email address. It is not normally loaded by default. Only Online CSU Students have email addresses in their CONSULS records.

However, you may enter your email address into CONSULS through the Modify Personal Information option that will display after you login to your library record.

Adding your email address to your library record will allow you to take advantage of the following features:

  • Choose to receive library notices via email
  • Receive lists of new library materials via email
To add or update your email address in CONSULS:
  1. Login to your library record from the main CONSULS menu
  2. Select Modify Personal Information as shown on the Screen 1 example at right.
  3. Look for the input box labelled EMAIL ADDR and enter your full Internet email address (username@ccsu.edu for example)
  4. Click the Submit Button
Please remember to keep your email address up to date. Otherwise notices and other information will bounce.
[Screen 1]
Elihu Burritt Library 0107
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Modify Personal Information
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[Screen 2]

Please enter new information and press Submit.


CONSULS (Connecticut State University Library System), 39 Woodland Street, Hartford, CT 06105-2337. For technical assistance with CONSULS or to report problems please call 860-832-2082 or send electronic mail to: rutherford@ccsu.edu.