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PIN Codes
Help with PIN Codes

When your CONSULS Library record is first created it does NOT contain a personal PIN code. You MUST assign a pin by clicking the Login link on the Consuls Home Page.

The pin code that you select may be all letters, all numbers, or a combination of both. Letters are NOT case-sensitive. For example:

bluedog5 and BLUEdog5

Are treated the same. Try to select a pin code that is easy for you to remember.

Steps to assign a code for the first time:

  • Click on Login link from the Consuls Home Page.
  • Enter your student ID number in the first box.
  • Leave the 2nd box blank.
  • Then click the Display Record button.
  • CONSULS will then display a page asking you to enter your pin code twice, and to click the Display Record button again.

You should now be logged into your library record. If you see the error message
Invalid PIN.

then you most likely already had a pin code assigned. If you cannot remember it you will need to contact the circulation desk of your library to request assistance resetting your pin code. Circulation desk numbers are:
860-832-3404 CCSU (New Britain, CT) or
860-465-4465 ECSU (Willimantic, CT)
203-392-5756 SCSU (New Haven, CT) - Southern Patrons: For additional help, please see
203-837-9100 WCSU (Danbury, CT)
860-757-6561 CT State Library (Hartford, CT) orĀ