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Course Reserves
Using Digital Course Reserves


  • From CONSULS (, click on COURSE RESERVES
  • Choose INSTRUCTOR or COURSE tab:
    Instructor – type the instructor’s last name
    Course – type the course number as it appears in the registration
    catalog, for example COMM 435
  • An alphabetical listing of the items on reserve for that course will come up. The format column will indicate if there is an “electronic copy available”
  • Click on the title of the reading you want to view. If there is more than 1 copy of that reading on reserve or if the reading is divided into multiple parts you will see a thumbnail - click on it. The next screen will contain 2 login fields. First, type in your 8-digit ID number, then tab down and enter your library PIN. Hit “Enter” or “Submit” and you will be logged into your library record and the full text of the reading will appear.
  • To print the reading, choose the print icon from the Adobe toolbar attached to the top of the item
  • Be sure to “log out” from your library record when using a public computer


  • Use either the Netscape ( or Firefox ( web browser instead of the Internet Explorer or AOL web browser
  • Mac OS users, you MUST install either the Netscape or Firefox web browser to view course reserves.
  • Most readings are pdfs, so it is necessary to have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer. This is available free at:
  • For listening to sound files, you will need the Windows Media Player installed on your computer. This is available free at:
  • Set your library PIN here
  • For further assistance please contact:
    CCSU: Heidi Kropf or Jaime Ortiz at 832-3406 or or
    SCSU: Shirley Cavanagh (392-5768 or ) or Marsha Clement (392-5754 or )