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Selecting A Web Browser for Library Access

Netscape Version 6.x November 14th, 2000
Netscape version 6 was just released, and does not yet support proxy services and will not work with the library databases at this time. This is a known problem and should be corrected in later versions.

Internet Explorer version 5.5 October 30th, 2000
Internet Explorer 5.5 is another recently released web browser. Microsoft very strongly encouraged users to upgrade, and many systems may be running IE 5.5 now. It is not a good idea to uninstall IE 5.5 since it can cause problems with your Microsoft Windows operation. Your best bet is to install a copy of Netscape 4.x and use that for library access that requires authentication through the proxy server.
NOTE: Microsoft has recently acknowledged problems with the automatic proxy in IE 5.5 and has released a patch. If you would like to use IE5.5 with library proxy services, install the following patch from Microsoft:

IE 5.5 patch