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How to Get a Library PIN Code:
Library PIN Codes:
A library PIN codes is like a password. It can be any combination of letters and/or numbers ranging from 5-12 characters total. The PIN is stored in your libary patron record on the CONSULS system.
What are PIN's Used For:
The PIN is used to access information about your personal library account. With the PIN you can view a record of books checked, overdue books and fines. You also need the PIN to access library databases from home or other computers outside of the CCSU campus.
How to get a PIN:
When you first register at CCSU you do not have a library PIN. To assign yourself a PIN you must visit the View Patron Info (http://csulib.ctstateu.edu/patroninfo) page.
Creating a PIN
When you access the View Patron Information pages for the first time, you will need to enter your LAST NAME, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, and then enter a PIN twice. The PIN should be something you can remember easily.
If the system will not allow you to enter a PIN, the most common problem is that you already have a PIN and have forgotten it. If you are not able to create a PIN, please call the or visit the Circulation Desk at your local library, or call:
  • CCSU Library Circulation Desk: 860-832-3404
  • ECSU Library Circulation Desk: 860-465-4506
  • SCSU Library Circulation Desk: 203-392-5756
  • WCSU Library Circulation DEsk: 203-837-9100