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How to Create Preferred Searches And Set Email Notification

CONSULS preferred searches allow you to save a popular search strategy in your library record. Once saved, you may re-run this search at anytime, or request that new books and materials matching this search be sent to you via electronic mail. If any new materials have been added to a CONSULS library that match your search, you will receive a list of them once a day, via email.

For this to work you must have entered your email address into consuls via the Modify Personal Information option that is available once you login to your library record.

Once you have updated your email address, you need to follow the steps show below to create a preferred search, and mark it for email delivery.

The three steps below illustrate how to setup a preferred search:

[Step 1] - Login to your library record.

[Step 2] - Save your search by clicking the SAVE PREFERRED SEARCH button.

[Step 3] - Mark your Preferred Searchs for Email Delivery.

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