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  1. When I click on a database it asks for Userid and Password
  2. I am using Internet Explorer version 5.5
  3. My proxy worked once, but doesn't now
  4. After entering my library pin I get "403 Forbidden. No more Logins available"
  5. America Online is my internet provider
  6. I use a free internet service provider (AltaVista, Excite, Netzero)

1. When I click on a link for EbscoHost or another database I receive a message asking for a Userid and Password.

In most cases this means you have not suceeded in setting the automatic proxy address in your web browser. What you SHOULD see when you click on a link for a database is the CONSULS screen asking for:

Last name:
Social Security Number:
Library PIN:

There are many reasons for this, the most common is using Internet Explorer 5.5, or Internet 5.0 that has been provided by your ISP (often America Online), or omitting part of the automatic proxy address. You must include the full address as shown below:


The http:// is not optional. Review the instructions below for more possible problems.

2. I am using Internet Explorer 5.5 to Access the Library Databases.

The first version of Internet Explorer 5.5 does not work reliably with the proxy settings. You cannot downgrade easily to Version 5.0, so the easiest solution is to install Netscape version 4

If you really want to try IE 5.5, try setting both your dialup and LAN settings on the Connection tab exactly the same way. Microsoft has acknowledged a problem with IE5.5 and proxy servers.

Loading Service Pack 1 for IE5.5 will now resolve the problem. Go to


to download the patch.

3. I setup the proxy once and it worked. Now I can't get into the databases.

This usually occurs with Internet Explorer 5.0, though it can happen with Netscape also. Usually it is because you are using a version of Internet Explorer or Netscape that has been customized by your Internet service provider to reset the automatic proxy to the ISP's caching proxy server (which is not needed in most cases). Usually there will be a message in the HELP->About Internet Explorer menu that will tell you that the browser is provided by your ISP. ATT @HOME does this.

Solution: Install a full version of Netscape or Internet Explorer downloaded directly from http://www.netscape.com or http://www.microsoft.com. As usual on Microsoft Windows systems you will find it easier to install Netscape since it is not integrated into the operating system.

4. I was prompted for my name, SSN, and PIN number, but then received a message: 403 Forbidden. No more Logins Available.

There are too many users trying to access the proxy system at the same time.


Wait about 30-60 seconds and try again. You should be able to connect after a few tries. The heaviest usage times are in the afternoon and early evening. Traffic in the mornings is usually much lighter.

5. America Online is my Internet provider, and I can't access the databases.

The America Online web browser DOES NOT support proxy services. You cannot use it to access the library databases. In most cases you also cannot use the version of Internet Explorer 5.0 that comes with the AOL installation. It is a modified version and does not seem to work reliably with the proxy services.


Install Netscape version 4 and use it for accessing the library databases. This solution works for most AOL users.

6. I use a free Internet Service Provider (AltaVista, Excite Freeline, Netzero) and cannot access the databases.

Are you using Internet Explorer version 5.0 or 5.5?


Install Netscape version 4 and use it for accessing the library databases.